Boulos, L. 2000: Flora of Egypt 2Meikle, R.D. 1977: Flora of Cyprus 1
but supplemented and names used differing
1Leaves pinnate, with distinct leaflets
1'Leaves pinnatisect, pinnatifid, lobed or entire, not divided into distinct leaflets
2Leaflets often lobed but not deeply pinnatisect; carpel-pits glandular-papillose within
2'Leaflets deeply pinnatisect
3Mucro of sepal without bristles; carpel-pits glandular within
3'Mucro of sepal terminating in bristle(s); carpel-pits eglandular within
4Beak of carpel long-plumose throughout its length; rootstock woody, roots with scattered tubers; plant perennial
4'Beak of carpel shortly hairy or with Iong bristles towards the base only, not long-plumose throughout its length; rootstock not woody, roots not tuber-bearing; plant annual or biennial
5Flowers large, showy, more than 2 cm diam.
5'Flowers small, less than 2 cm diam.
6Leaves deeply pinnatisect; fruiting beak 10-11 cm long; seeds solitary in each carpel
6'Leaves lobed, but not pinnatisect; fruiting beak 6-7(-9) cm long; seeds 2 in each carpel
7Fruiting beak 8-10 cm long; basal leaves normally different from upper leaves
7'Fruiting beak less than 6 cm long; basal leaves and upper leaves not markedly different
8Leaves not distinctly glandular below; apical pits of carpel not bordered by a concentric ridge
8'Leaves distinctly glandular below, with sessile, shining glands; apical pits of carpel bordered by a distinct concentric ridge