This website contains information on all species and subspecies of vascular plants occurring in Cyprus, one of the hotspots of Mediterranean biodiversity. The flora comprises 1649 indigenous taxa (species and subspecies), 254 introduced taxa occuring in the wild, 43 hybrids and 85 species with unclear status (as at March 2019).
The website brings together data from authoritative sources and will be updated continuously.

Currently available:
• complete checklist of vascular plants occurring in Cyprus
• selection of recently used synonyms
• basic information on endemism and status of occurrence
distribution maps showing occurrence in the 8 phytogeographical divisions
• documentation of specimen-based literature records in the 8 divisions
• data on the altitudinal range
threat categories according to the Red Data Book of the flora of Cyprus
photographs for the majority of taxa
• data on chromosome numbers
• morphological descriptions of selected taxa
keys for all species and subspecies
common names of selected taxa

Planned for the near future:
• specimen data
• data on traits
• statistics
• a print version of the checklist

Long-term perspective:
• complete synonymy and nomenclatural references for all taxa
• developing an online flora of Cyprus

How to cite us
Hand R., Hadjikyriakou G. N. & Christodoulou C. S. (ed.) 2011– (continuously updated): Flora of Cyprus – a dynamic checklist. Published at http://www.flora-of-cyprus.eu/; accessed [date]

Licensed under Creative Commons

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