Meikle, R.D. 1985: Flora of Cyprus 2
but supplemented and names used differing
1Bracteoles 2, inserted on calyx-tube; corolla blue, pale lilac-blue, mauve, purple or violet; stem usually branched
1'Bracteoles absent; calyx 2-cleft; corolla whitish, yellowish, brownish, reddish or maroon, sometimes tinged violet or purple; stem normally unbranched
2Corolla-tube not markedly constricted above ovary
2'Corolla-tube markedly constricted above ovary
3Bracts caudate-acuminate, far overtopping buds at apex of inflorescence; corolla-lobes of lower lip 2.0-2.5 mm long; plant robust, 18-40 cm high
3'Bracts not markedly caudate-acuminate; corolla-lobes of lower lip 4.0-4.5 mm long; plant 10-15 cm high
4Corolla 20-30 mm long; tube 6-10 mm wide at apex
4'Corolla 12-20 mm long; tube 4-5 mm wide at apex
5Corolla-lobes tapering, acute (hosts: Helichrysum, Phagnalon)
5'Corolla-lobes ovate, more or less obtuse
6Stems usually with 3-9 or more branches; inflorescence usually rather lax, elongate; corolla-tube 12-15 mm long
6'Stems unbranched or sparingly branched; inflorescence compact, rather congested; corolla-tube often more than 15 mm long
7Corolla-tube c. 4 mm wide at apex, maroon-red; corolla-lobes finely fimbriate-denticulate; inflorescence compact, crowded
7'Corolla-tube 5-10 mm wide at apex, not maroon-red
8Calyx-divisions entire; corolla with 2 conspicuous yellow folds on lower lip
8'Calyx-divisions deeply 2-lobed
9Corolla-tube indistinctly curved, 10-15 mm long; corolla-lobes conspicuous, spreading, the adaxial 7-12 mm wide
9'Corolla-tube distinctly curved throughout its length, 8-10 mm long; corolla-lobes inconspicuous, the adaxial porrect, the others spreading
10Corolla-tube subglabrous or shortly glandular-pubescent dorsally
10'Corolla-tube with white, flattened, crispate hairs dorsally