Orobanche mutelii

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Orobanche mutelii



Indigenous (IN)


not endemic


The traditional treatment of O. ramosa s. l. in Cyprus (Meikle 1985) is in need for a critical revision. The split into O. ramosa s. str. and O. mutelii should be seen as preliminary. The cited specimens as well as the synonyms need to be re-assessed.

Regarding the taxon O. nana see remarks by Uhlich (2015).

Uhlich H. 2015: Geschichte der Erforschung der Sommerwurzgewächse (Gattungen Orobanche und Phelipanche). Teil 2: Von Linnés "Species Plantarum" bis Becks Monographie. - Kochia 9: 59-92.


Cyprus:Division 1 indigenousADivision 2 indigenousA,B,CDivision 3 indigenousADivision 6 indigenousADivision 7 indigenousADivision 8 indigenousA
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Altitudinal range

0 – 1050 mD
D. Meikle, R.D. 1985: Flora of Cyprus 2. – Kew: The Bentham-Moxon Trust



Flowering Period