Meikle, R.D. 1977: Flora of Cyprus 1
but modified
1Leaves +/- densely stellate-tomentose; flowers large; petals 10-18 mm long
1'Leaves subglabrous or sparsely stellate-pubescent; flowers small
2Leaves 2-8 cm long, softly tomentose with long hairs, indumentum more than 0.3 mm, often up to 0.5 mm thick; petals white or pale pink or pink-tinged
2'Leaves 0.8-2(-4) cm long, densely tomentose with short hairs, indumentum less than 0.2 mm thick; petals pink, lilac or purplish, rarely white
3Petals purple or violet, 7-9 mm long; stem unbranched or branched only at the base
3'Petals white, about 3.5 mm long; stem usually much-branched, especially towards base