Meikle, R.D. 1985: Flora of Cyprus 2Tutin, T.G., Heywood, V.H., Burges, N.A., Moore, D.M., Valentine, D.H., Walters, S.M. & Webb, D.A. 1972: Flora Europaea 3
but modified
1Peduncles glabrous; seeds acutely tuberculate; leaves usually hastate; corolla milky-white tinged mauve
1'Peduncles hairy; seeds cerebriform-alveolate
2Calyx-lobes broadly lanceolate, distinctly accrescent in fruit and plicate to the base; corolla yellow with blackish-maroon adaxial lobes
2'Calyx-lobes lanceolate or deltoid, not noticeably accrescent or plicate at the base
3Peduncles 0.8-2(-3) cm long, much longer than the subtending leaves; corolla yellow with violet adaxial lobes; at least some leaves hastate; capsule 4-5 mm diam.
3'Peduncles very short (less than 1 cm long) or flowers commonly subsessile; corolla usually white with blue or purplish adaxial lobes; leaves with rounded base, not hastate; capsule c. 2-5-3 mm diam.