Meikle, R.D. 1985: Flora of Cyprus 2Viney, D.E. 1996: An illustrated flora of North Cyprus 2
but modified and names used differing
1Nut lenticular with the narrow edge against the rhachilla; spikelets much compressed; stigmas 2
1'Nut trigonous or rounded (occasionally flattened with a wide face against the rhachilla); spikelets more or less elliptical in section; stigmas (2-)3
2Inflorescence a head of spikelets without rays
2'Inflorescence spreading, anthelate, with short to long rays
3Head obviously terminal, up to 6 cm wide; far-creeping sand-dune plant
3'Head apparently lateral, flanked by an erect bract
4Bracts 2-3, leaf-like; leaves well developed, flat; nut dark, trigonous
4'Bracts apparently solitary, terete and culm-like; leaf-blades reduced to an apiculus or when developed, thick, crescentiform or triangular; nut pale, compressed
5Plants with thick far-creeping rhizomes
5'Plants with thin, or short, rhizomes, or rhizomes absent
6Rays few, not more than 5 cm long; slender, montane plants
6'Rays numerous, 8-12(-20) cm long; tall, lowland plants
73-6 bracts below inflorescence
7'8 or more bracts in a condensed spiral below inflorescence
8Spikelets not more than 5 mm long, in small round, dense spikes
8'Spikelets 7-40 mm long
9Plant densely caespitose, without elongated rhizomes; glumes regularly and closely imbricate
9'Plant not densely caespitose, with slender tube-bearing rhizomes; glumes loosely imbricate