Jahn, R. & Schönfelder, P. 1995: Exkursionsflora für KretaMeikle, R.D. 1977: Flora of Cyprus 1
but modified
1Perennial shrubs or subshrubs
1'Annual herbs
2Inflorescences compound, corymbose; a stout woody subshrub
2'Inflorescence a simple or very sparsely branched cincinnus
3Petals shorter than sepals or about as long; flowers sessile or subsessile
3'Petals distinctly longer than sepals; flowers pedicellate
4Inner sepals c. 6 mm long, thinly pilose; a slender trailing or decumbent subshrub
4'Inner sepals c. 6-9 mm long, densely white strigose along the nerves; a rather robust, sprawling or suberect subshrub
5Inner sepals membranous, stramineous and conspicuously accrescent (and sligthly inflated) in fruit
5'Inner sepals herbaceous, not conspicuously accrescent in fruit
6Plant with many glandular hairs; sepals obtuse; pedicels reflexed after anthesis
6'Plant pubescent or pilose; sepals acuminate or acute; pedicels erect, patent or arcuate
7Pedicels patent or arcuate in fruit; inner sepals 4-5 mm long
7'Pedicels erect, straight and rather thick; inner sepals 8-15 mm long
8Capsule glabrous with ciliate angles; seeds usually smooth or foveolate, or very sparsely papillose
8'Capsule pubescent, rarely glabrous except at the angles; seeds more or less densely crystalline-papillose