Hand, R. 2015: Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus VIII. – Willdenowia 45: 245-259Meikle, R.D. 1985: Flora of Cyprus 2
but modified and supplemented
1Corolla conspicuous, 4-7 mm diameter; plants usually 10-30(-50) cm high
1'Corolla minute, less than 4 mm diameter; plants generally less than 20 cm high
2Pedicels sharply deflexed after anthesis; fruiting calyx pointing downward; inflorescence commonly secund and 1-ranked
2'Pedicels erect or patent after anthesis, or flowers subsessile, generally 2-ranked
3Fruiting calyx completely covered with hooked hairs; maximum width of nutlet never above middle; nutlet wrinkle median
3'Lower third of fruiting calyx without hooked hairs; maximum width of nutlet above middle; nutlet wrinkle marginal
4Inflorescences bracteate throughout their length; calyces uniformly clothed with straight, adpressed hairs
4'Inflorescences ebracteate or bracteate only towards base; calyces clothed with a mixed indumentum of adpressed straight hairs and patent or deflexed, hooked hairs
5Flowers subsessile or very shortly pedicellate; fruiting calyces erect, often adpressed to rhachis; rhachis with spreading hairs
5'Flowers distinctly pedicellate, the pedicels patent or erecto-patent in fruit; rhachis adpressed-hispidulous