Scholz, H. 2007: On the identity of Brachypodium firmifolium (Poaceae) from Cyprus. – Willdenowia 37: 215-220
but supplemented
1Plant annual
1'Plant perennial
2Plants with obvious creeping rhizomes; awn of lemma 2.5-5 mm long, not more than half as long as lemma body
2'Plants caespitose or with very short rhizomes; awn of lemma more than half as long lemma body
3Leaf blades dark or light green, soft and thin, adaxially with narrow and low ribs; racemes nodding; awn of lemma up to 12(-15) mm long, usually distinctly longer than lemma body
3'Leaf blades glaucous green, rather firm, adaxially with rather broad and more prominent ribs; racemes erect; awn of lemma up to 10 mm long, as long as or shorter than lemma body