R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977T. G. Tutin, V. H. Heywood, N. A. Burges, D. M. Moore, D. H. Valentine, S. M. Walters & D. A. Webb, Flora Europaea 2. 1968
but much modified and supplemented
1Corolla red, pink, purple or white
1'Corolla yellow, sometimes reddish with age or veines crimson; pods straight or slightly curved
2Pods with 4 conspicuous longitudinal wings, 4-8 mm wide
2'Pods without wings, strongly curved, 1-2 mm wide
3Pod inflated, more than 5 mm wide, adaxial suture deeply impressed, almost dividing the pod longitudinally
3'Pod linear, slender, less than 5 mm wide, adaxial suture not deeply impressed
4Pods laterally flattened, distinctly torulose; diffuse annual; inflorescence 1-4(-5)-flowered
4'Pods terete or slightly compressed, not flattened, smooth or obscurely torulose
5Perennials with woody rootstocks; inflorescence umbellate, long-pedunculate, usually 2-8 (or more)-flowered; standard 8-15 mm long
5'Annuals ; inflorescences 1-2(-4)-flowered; standard generally less than 8 mm long
6Leaves adpressed-sericeous, silvery; beak of keel usually stained; plant of sandy seashores
6'Leaves green, subglabrous or thinly pilose, not silvery-sericeous
7Calyx 2-lipped; calyx-teeth unequal
7'Calyx not 2-lipped; calyx-teeth subequal
8Leaflets of upper leaves at least 4 times as long as wide
8'Leaflets of upper leaves usually up to 3 times as long as wide
9Corolla 10-15 mm long, about twice as long as calyx; plant glabrescent
9'Corolla 6-10 mm long, up to 1.5 as long as calyx; plant more or less villose
10Stems and calyces clothed with long spreading hairs; peduncles slender, elongate, up to 5 cm long
10'Stems and calyces clothed with short, crispate subadpressed hairs; peduncles short, generally less than 2 cm long
11Leaflets 10-15 mm long, 5-10 mm wide; peduncle generally shorter than subtending leaf; pod 2-4 mm wide
11'Leaflets 2-10(-14) mm long, 1.5-5 mm wide; peduncle usually equalling or exceeding subtending leaf; pod generally less than 2 mm wide