General editors: Ralf Hand (BGBM Berlin/Germany), Georgios N. Hadjikyriakou (Trachoni Lemesou/Cyprus), Charalambos S. Christodoulou (Lefkosia/Cyprus)

Data imports, editor and website development: This checklist uses the Common Data Model (CDM) technology developed and provided by the Biodiversity Informatics Research and Development Group of the Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem (BGBM). Data import, preparation of data editor and website have been coordinated by Andreas Müller, Andreas Kohlbecker, Niels Hoffmann, and Francisco Revilla. Thanks to Walter Berendsohn and Anton Güntsch for their general support of the checklist project.

We would also like to thank the following persons and institutions:
Kathleen Stephanides (Lefkosia/Cyprus): linguistic improvements
Kyriakos Kefalas (Frenaros/Cyprus): error corrections
Pantelis Charilaou (Lemesos/Cyprus): selected photos
Maria Christodoulou (Lefkosia/Cyprus): selected photos
Christodoulos Makris (Lemesos/Cyprus): selected photos
Marion Cubr (BGBM Berlin/Germany): photographic documentation of seeds (Dahlem Seed Bank)
Evelyn Libotti (BGBM Berlin/Germany): data input 2011-2013
Marius Schlegelmilch (BGBM Berlin/Germany): data input 2011-2013
Agricultural Research Institute (ARI; Lefkosia/Cyprus), namely Angelos Kyratzis: support for photographic documentation of several genera
Christos Galanos (Ialisos/Greece): error corrections
Thomas Raus (Berlin/Germany): name correction