R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985
but supplemented
1Plants perennial with a thickened, premorse rootstock and tough, fibrous roots
1'Plants annual with a slender taproot
2Pappus-hairs not tousled, rather rigid; apex of peduncle and base in involucre thinly tomentose, often glandular; basal leaves lyrate-pinnatisect with a broad, blunt or acute terminal lobe
2'Pappus-hairs tousled, softly lanuginose; apex of peduncle and base of involucre glabrous or very sparsely puberulous; basal leaves runcinate-pinnatisect with a small, deltoid-acute, terminal lobe
3Plant acaulescent; capitula clustered in the centre of a flat rosette of leaves
3'Plant with stems
4Capitula sessile along the inflorescence-branches; inner phyllaries persistent, becoming swollen, indurated and incurved after anthesis, and covering the achenes
4'Capitula pedunculate
5Stems scapose; leaves (or apparent leaves) all basal, forming a rosette; involucre usually clothed with blackish hairs; capitula small
5'Stems not scapose, leaves not all basal
6Involucre glabrous or subglabrous
6'Involucre pilose, hispidulous or setose
7Leaves obovate or spathulate, shortly toothed or lobed, or subentire, shortly and densely glandular-pilose; achenes tapering to base
7'Leaves lyrate-pinnatisect, subglabrous or thinly hispidulous-pilose; achenes conspicuously dilated and excavate at base
8Peduncles very short, 5-10(-20) mm long, becoming thick and rigid in fruit; stems usually setose with scattered, rigid, spreading bristles
8'Peduncles slender, or if not slender, up to 20 cm long; stems not setose with spreading, rigid bristles
9Capitula small, numerous; involucre 4-5 mm long
9'Capitula rather large and conspicuous; involucre 7-12 mm long
10Receptacle ciliate, but without scales; peduncles and upper parts of stems usually hispidulous
10'Receptacle scaly, with long, attenuate-caudate membranous scales; peduncles and upper parts of stems usually glabrous or subglabrous