R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985
but modified
1Plant annual, stems well developed, slender; without conspicuous rosette; ray-florets c. 3 mm long
1'Plants perennial, acaulescent or with very short stems; with rosette leaves; ray-florets 5-17 mm long
2Phyllaries ovate-oblong, 3-7 mm long, with convex sides, subglabrous in the upper half; leaves usually spathulate, narrowing rather abruptly to a distinct petiole; ray-florets 5-8 mm long
2'Phyllaries narrowly oblong, (3-)5-12 mm long, with sub-parallel sides, thinly pilose all over or ciliate all round; leaves tapering gradually to base, sessile or subsessile; ray-florets 10-17 mm long