R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977
but accepted names differing
1Inflorescence or flower distinctly pedunculate
1'Inflorescence or flower sessile or subsessile
2Corolla pink or pink and white, peduncle exaristate; flower and fruit strongly reflexed
2'Corolla yellow, yellowish or creamy-white
3Shrubby perennials
3'Herbaceous annuals
4Pod torulose
4'Pod not torulose
5Peduncle exaristate, or arista very short; pods ovoid or ellipsoid
5'Peduncle distinctly aristate; pods oblong
6Pod 20-25 mm long, 5-7 mm. wide; corolla distinctly longer than calyx; flowers frequently in pairs
6'Pod 8-17 mm long, 3-4 mm wide; corolla equalling or shorter than calyx; flowers usually solitary
7Keel sharply upcurved to a beak as long as or longer than the basal part; peduncle clothed with long spreading hairs; plant 15-40 cm high
7'Keel upcurved to a beak shorter than the basal part; peduncle shortly glandular-pubescent; plant 7-15(-30) cm high
8Corolla yellow or yellowish
8'Corolla pink or pink and white
9Leaves 3-foliolate; subshrubby perennial
9'Leaves 1-foliolate; maritime annual
10Subshrubby spinescent perennials
10'Herbaceous annuals
11Cauline leaves 1-foliolate; calyx with long spreading hairs
11'Cauline leaves 3-foliolate; calyx shortly glandular-pubescent or subglabrous
12Standard glabrous externally; stipules of floral leaves whitish and conspicuous
12'Standard glandular or hairy externally; stipules of floral leaves not whitish or conspicuous
13Inflorescence a slender, rather lax spike; standard oblong-obovate, 4-5 mm wide; leaflets with 10-20 conspicuous spreading teeth
13'Inflorescence a dense oblong spike; standard obovate-orbicular, 6-7 mm wide; leaflets with 12-24(-30) small teeth