R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977
but modified
1Plant perennial with a tuberous rhizome; flowers large, petals more than 1 cm long; leaves all basal
1'Plants annual; flowers small, petals less than 1 cm long; stems leafy
2Sepals spreading; petals with a short claw; mericarps breaking away at maturity with a portion of the beak attached
2'Sepals erect more or less connivent; petals with a long slender claw; mericarps breaking away at maturity without a portion of beak attached
3Lower leaves divided to about half way into oblong-cuneate, shortly lobed divisions
3'Lower leaves divided almost to base into deeply lobed or pinnatifid divisions
4Mericarps glabrous, wrinkled or ridged; petals deeply emarginate or bifid, to about 5 mm long
4'Mericarps smooth, pubescent
5Petals distinctly emarginate, pale purple, up to 4 mm long; usually outer stamens without anthers
5'Petals entire or indistinctly emarginate, bright pink or rosy-purple, c. 5-7 mm long; all stamens with anthers
6Peduncles 5-10 mm long; pedicels 10-15 mm long; mericarps glandular-pubescent
6'Peduncles 20-90 mm long; pedicels 25-50 mm (or more) long; mericarps subglabrous or sparsely strigose
7Leaves palmately divided to base, not conspicuously glossy; sepals strigose-glandular externally, without transverse wrinkles
7'Leaves not divided to base, often glossy; sepals glabrous, transversely wrinkled