Asplenium ceterach

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Asplenium ceterach


Indigenous (IN)


not endemic


For taxonomy and cytotypes see Hand (2003: 322-323). The two cytotypes described from Cyprus but not accepted here are not endemic to Cyprus (see Marchetti 2010).

Hand R. 2003: Supplementary notes to the flora of Cyprus III. - Willdenowia 33: 305-325.
Marchetti D. (ed.) 2010: Notule pteridologiche Italiche. VIII. - Ann. Mus. Civici-Rovereto 25: 103-126.


Division 1 indigenousA,B
Division 2 indigenousA,B,C,D,E
Division 3 indigenousA,C,D
Division 6 indigenousB,F
Division 7 indigenousA,B
Division 8 indigenousA
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Altitudinal range

1001675 mG
G. Meikle, R.D. 1985: Flora of Cyprus 2