Meikle, R.D. 1977: Flora of Cyprus 1
but supplemented
1Calyx 4-merous; perennial
1'Calyx 5-merous; annual or biennial, occassionally perennating
2Calyx densely hispidulous with long, spreading, frequently hooked hairs; plants grey-green in appearance; sepals unequal; stamens usually 2
2'Calyx without hooked hairs; plants not grey-green, sepals subequal; stamens 2-5
3Plants bright pale green; leaves turning reddish with age; flowers c. 1 mm long; calyx thinly and rather unevenly pilose; stamens usually 2-3; seeds smooth
3'Plants dark bluish-green; leaves not often turning reddish with age; flowers c. 0.7 mm long; calyx rather densely and uniformly pilose; stamens 5; seeds shagreened