Meikle, R.D. 1985: Flora of Cyprus 2
but modified and names used differing
1Callus 5-7 mm long, with a sharp articulation
1'Callus short, inarticulate or articulate, if the latter, callus cushion-like
2Glumes very unequal, the lower 10-15 mm, the upper 20-25 mm long
2'Glumes more or less equal in length
3Lemmas with 2 fine bristles or awns up to 12 mm long from the apical lobes, in addition to the dorsal awn
3'Lemmas 2-toothed at the apex, rarely produced into 2 bristles and if so, the bristles not more than 2 mm long
4Bristles exceeding the length of the glumes
4'Bristles shorter than the tips of the glumes
5Lobes of the lemma gradually tapering into the bristle; glumes 20-30 mm long
5'Lobes of the lemma toothed below the base of the bristle; glumes 12-20 mm long
6Lowest lemma not articulated with the rhachilla; caryopsis corticate, i.e. adherent to lemma and palea
6'Lowest lemma articulated with the rhachilla
7Spikelets 3-5-flowered; glumes 30-50 mm long; lowest lemma 25-40 mm long; anthers 4 mm long
7'Spikelets 2-3-flowered; glumes 25-30 mm long; lowest lemma 20-25 mm long; anthers 2.5-3 mm long