Al-Eisawi, D. & Jury, S.L. 1988: A taxonomic revision of the genus Tordylium L. (Apiaceae). – Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 97: 357-403Meikle, R.D. 1977: Flora of Cyprus 1
but modified and rearranged
1Plants retrorsely setose; sepals, petals, styles, stylopodia and mericarps covered with strigose hairs
1'Plants scabrous to villous; sepals, petals, styles, stylopodia glabrous, mericarps covered with vesiculous hairs
2Fruits 3 mm wide
2'Fruits 5-10 mm wide
3Leaf segments of upper cauline leaves deeply pinnatisect; fruits dimorphic, the outer flattened, disk-like, the inner hemispherical or cup-shaped ; umbels conspicuously radiant
3'Leaf segments of upper cauline leaves crenate, toothed or shortly lobed, not pinnatisect; fruits uniform, all flattened and disk-like
4Bracteoles very long and conspicuous, up to 20 mm. long, greatly exceeding the umbellules; mericarps with thickened, moniliform wings
4'Bracteoles short, less than 10 mm. long, inconspicuous, shorter than, or not much exceeding the umbellules