Meikle, R.D. 1977: Flora of Cyprus 1Snogerup, S. & Snogerup, B. 2001: Bupleurum L. (Umbelliferae) in Europe - 1. The annuals, B. sect. Bupleurum and sect. Aristata. – Willdenowia 31: 205-308
1Upper leaves broad, perfoliate; bracteoles broadly ovate
1'Upper leaves not perfoliate, linear, lanceolate or subulate
2Flowers 6-16 in each umbellule; fruit 2.2-3.1 mm long; styles minute, much shorter than stylopodium, the latter 0.8-1.1 mm long; leaves generally with a tapering acumen
2'Flowers 15-25 in each umbellule; fruit 3.7-4.7 mm long; styles distinct, equalling or exceeding stylopodium, the latter 1.2-1.5 mm long; leaves acute but without a tapering acumen
3Bracteoles lanceolate or ovate, concave, conspicuous, membranous or translucent between the nerves, becoming erect and enveloping the fruits
3'Bracteoles linear-subulate; entirely herbaceous and opaque, not enveloping the fruits
4Bracteoles with conspicuous ascending lateral veins between the nerves
4'Bracteoles without conspicuous lateral veins, or with the longitudinal nerves at most very shortly and irregularly branched
5Umbels and umbellules subsessile or very shortly stalked, stalks generally less than 0.5 cm long
5'Umbels and umbellules distinctly stalked; stalks up to 3-4 cm long
6Umbels subsessile or very shortly stalked, stalk generally less than 1.5 mm; fruits papillose or clothed with hooked bristles
6'Umbels distinctly stalked; stalks up to 4 cm long; fruits smooth, without papillae or bristles
7Fruits covered with longitudinal rows of pale hooked bristles
7'Fruits covered with short pallid papillae
8Bracts 4; bracteoles conspicuous, up to 7 mm long
8'Bracts 3; bracteoles inconspicuous, less than 3 mm long
9Umbel rays very unequal; bracteoles usually 5; flowers usually 6 in each umbellule
9'Umbel rays subequal; bracteoles usually 2-3; flowers usually 2-3 in each umbellule