Astragalus cyprius

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Astragalus cyprius


Indigenous (IN)



Chromosome numbers

n = 8A
A. Vogt, R. & Aparicio, A., Chromosome numbers of plants collected during Iter Mediterraneum IV in Cyprus in Bocconea 11: 117-169. 2000


Division 1 indigenousB
Division 2 indigenousB,C,D,E
Division 3 indigenousB,C,D,E,F,G
Division 4 indigenousB,C,G
Division 5 indigenousB
Division 7 indigenousB,E
Division 8 indigenousB,E
B. Meikle, R.D., Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977, C. Alziar, G., Compte rendu du 4ème Iter Mediterraneum in Bocconea 11: 5-83. 2000, D. Hadjikyriakou, G., Symvoli sti meleti tis chloridas tis Kyprou 17 in Dasoponos 55: 7-10. 2013, E. Podlech, D. & Zarre, S., A taxonomic revision of the genus Astragalus L. (Leguminosae) in the Old World. 2013, F. Chrtek, J. & Slavík, B., Contribution to the flora of Cyprus in Preslia 53: 45-65. 1981, G. Coulot, P., Approche de la flore de l'ile de Chypre in Monde Pl. 470: 16-20. 2000

Altitudinal range

50925 mH
H. Meikle, R.D., Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977