R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977
but modified and supplemented
1Flowers in dense globose clusters or verticillasters spaced along the flowering stem
1'Flowers not in dense globose clusters or verticillasters
2Calyx distinctly inflated at anthesis
2'Calyx not distinctly inflated at anthesis
3Calyx 10-nerved; petals shortly lobed; plant annual
3'Calyx 20-nerved; petals very deeply bilobed; plant perennial
4Plants perennial, with hard, woody rootstocks
4'Plants annual, base seldom hard or woody
5Leaves bordered with several rows of short, stiff, recurved hairs, otherwise glabrous; plant suffruticose; leaves in tufts at ends of woody branches
5'Leaves pubescent all over; plant not suffruticose, nor with leaves in tufts at the end of woody branches
6Flowers rather few and distant in very lax, narrow panicles; petals pink or pink-tinged
6'Flowers numerous, in large spreading, sometimes congested panicles; petals white or greenish
7Plant with female (calyx 3-5 mm long) and hermaphrodite flowers (calyx 5-11 mm long); flowers usually congested; capsule 3-sulcate or trigonous
7'Plant with uniform flowers; in spreading panicles; capsule not trigonous
8Petal-lobes rounded, less than 1 cm long; calyx thinly pubescent, often purplish; flowers erect
8'Petal-lobes narrowly oblong or strap-shaped, 1-1,3 cm long; calyx glabrous (calyx-teeth ciliate), pallid; flowers nodding
9Calyx 30- or 60-nerved; calyx-teeth long, narrow, subulate or almost so; anthophore very short
9'Calyx 10-nerved, teeth not normally subulate (except in S. tridentata)
10Calyx 30-nerved; capsule 1.6-2 cm. long with a slender neck; flowers usually deep reddish-pink
10'Calyx 60-nerved; capsule about 1 cm long, without a slender neck; flowers usually pale pink
11Calyx 20-30 mm long
11'Calyx less than 20 mm long
12Calyx nerves distinctly anastomosing; cauline leaves dense and imbricate; carpophore 3-7 mm long
12'Calyx nerves obscurely branched or indistinctly anastomosing (but then with almost wanting carpophore)
13Cauline leaves linear or subulate, with a long slender acumen
13'Cauline leaves broader, not linear or subulate, nor with a long, slender acumen
14Capsule broadly ovoid or subglobose; seeds papillose; coronal scales triangular, acuminate
14'Capsule narrowly ovoid or ellipsoid; seeds bluntly ridged; coronal scales oblong, blunt
15Anthophore very short (less than 2 mm long) or wanting; calyx rather abruptly constricted at base, or rounded
15'Anthophore more than 2 mm long; calyx often tapering gradually to base
16Plant quite glabrous, glaucous; flowers small, pink
16'Plant pubescent or glandular-pilose
17Cauline leaves usually less than 1 cm. long, fleshy; flowers small, pink; stems spreading; seaside plant
17'Cauline leaves usually exceeding 1 cm in length, not fleshy
18Calyx distinctly constricted at mouth in fruiting specimens
18'Calyx not much constricted at mouth in fruiting specimens
19Petals bright carmine; inflorescence regularly dichotomous with spreading branches; calyx distinctly ribbed
19'Petals paler pink or whitish, sometimes blotched crimson, or wanting; inflorescence not regularly dichotomous
20Calyx-teeth subulate, about 5 mm long, conspicuous; petals small, inconspicuous
20'Calyx-teeth not subulate; petals usually conspicuous
21Calyx distinctly ribbed; petals whitish; flowers usually distant
21'Calyx not ribbed; petals pink or crimson-blotched; flowers usually numerous in a raceme-like monochasium
22Capsule narrowly ovoid-cylindrical; calyx with distinct anastomosing veins; seeds not winged; flowers in long raceme-like monochasia
22'Capsule broadly ovoid; calyx without distinct anastomosing veins; seeds winged; inflorescence often irregular
23Calyx nerves conspicuously pilose, often reddish; petals pink, longer than calyx
23'Calyx nerves not conspicuously pilose, greenish; petals whitish or pinkish or wanting, often shorter than calyx
24Inflorescence regularly dichotomous with spreading branches; calyx distinctly ribbed
24'Inflorescence not regularly dichotomous with spreading branches; calyx not distinctly ribbed
25Inflorescence a rather crowded, much-branched terminal cluster of dichasia
25'Inflorescence not crowded, either monochasial and raceme-like, or a lax dichasium
26Calyx whitish (sometimes tinged purple) papery; flowers small; petals seldom more than 1 cm long; plant subglabrous, glaucous
26'Calyx purplish, glandular-hairy; flowers rather large; petals 1-5 cm long; plant pubescent or glandular-hairy
27Bracts herbaceous, green or purplish; calyx 1-1.3 cm long; seeds bluntly ridged or striate
27'Bracts membranous, whitish; calyx 1.4-1.8 cm long; seeds bluntly papillose
28Calyx at anthesis broadly oblong or turbinate, abruptly narrowed at base; petals often minute or wanting
28'Calyx at anthesis rather narrowly clavate, tapering to base
29Flowers shortly pedicellate or subsessile in narrow raceme-like monochasia
29'Flowers distinctly pedicellate, in lax dichasia or monochasia
30Basal leaves forming persistent tufts or rosettes at anthesis; capsule narrowly ovoid-oblong, 7 x 4 mm; seeds not winged
30'Basal leaves not forming tufts or rosettes at anthesis; capsule broadly ovoid or subglobose, 5-7 x 5-6 mm; seeds winged
31Inflorescence repeatedly branched; petals deeply bifid, pale pink or whitish; plant erect or suberect
31'Inflorescence monochasial, or sparsely and irregularly branched; petals bright pink, truncate or shallowly emarginate; plant usually sprawling