R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977
but modified
1Flowers sessile, subsessile or very shortly pedicellate; fruit usually velutinous or pubescent
1'Flowers distinctly pedicellate; fruit glabrous
2Leaves broadly ovate or subcordate; petiole long; fruit with a smooth or slightly rugose stone
2'Leaves oblanceolate or narrowly oblong; petiole short; fruit with a deeply rugose or pitted stone
3Leaves tapering at the base; petiole usually less than 1.5 cm long; petals bright pink, 10-13 x 7-8 mm; stone deeply rugose
3'Leaves rounded or abruptly cuneate at base; petiole often more than 1.5 cm long; petals pale pink or whitish, 15-20 x 10-13 mm; fruit with a pitted stone
4Leaves acute or obtuse with crenate-serrate or almost entire margins; fruit 3-8 (or more) cm long with a relatively short stalk; stone narrowly ovate or elliptic, strongly compressed, 15-40 x 10-20 mm
4'Leaves cuspidate-acuminate, with strongly, unequally serrate margins; fruit less than 2.5 cm long, pendulous on a relatively long stalk; stone subglobose, slightly compressed, c. 7 x 5 mm