R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 1. 1977
but modified
1Inflorescence distinctly pedunculate, flowers in a short, often globose, raceme
1'Inflorescence sessile or subsessile, not pedunculate, or flowers axillary, solitary or in pairs
2Pods laterally flattened or strongly compressed
2'Pods terete or subterete, not strongly compressed or flattened
3Pods 1.3-2.3 cm long, falcately upcurved, glabrous, obtuse or subacute
3'Pods 3-4 mm long, deflexed, thinly pilose, with a slender, upcurved beak
4Pods not constricted between the seeds, more or less densely pubescent; leaflets pubescent
4'Pods constricted between the seeds, papery, thinly pubescent; leaflets glabrous above, thinly pubescent below
5Flowers in axillary clusters, minute, standard less than 5 mm long
5'Flowers solitary or sometimes in pairs, axillary, not minute, standard generally exceeding 1 cm in length
6Pod pubescent, 3-7 cm long, narrowing abruptly to a long rigid beak
6'Pod glabrous (or microscopically glandular) 7-12 cm long, tapering gradually to an apical beak
7Valves or pod openly veined; plant 15-40(-50) cm high; petals yellowish-white
7'Valves of pod closely veined; plant usually much less than 15 cm high; petals blue