G. N. Hadjikyriakou, Aromatic and spicy plants in Cyprus. 2007R. D. Meikle, Flora of Cyprus 2. 1985
but modified, supplemented and names used differing
1Capitula without ligulate ray-florets; leaves entire or subentire
1'Capitula with ligulate ray-florets; leaves pinnatisect
2Ray-florets yellow
2'Ray-florets white
3Stem thinly pilose; leaves 10-15 mm wide, with spreading linear-subulate segments; perennial herb
3'Stem white-tomentose; leaves 1-3 mm wide, with minute overlapping, transverse segments; small subshrubs with a woody base
4Perennial herb; stem pilose, hairy or glabrescent, but not tomentose; ligules 1-2 mm diam.
4'Shrub with a woody base; stem white-tomentose or woolly; ligules 4-5 mm diam.